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Climate Crooks vs. Climate Cranks on “Grit TV”

In a special Earth Day broadcast, Mark discusses the difference between climate cranks and climate crooks, and how to move the country in a different direction, with Laura Flanders on Grit TV.  Watch it:



2 Responses to “Climate Crooks vs. Climate Cranks on “Grit TV””

  • Tom says:

    Cranks just have an attitude and want media attention. Crooks on the other hand have the money and power to try and manipulate the masses.

    The ONLY thing that will change this (IMO) is for everyone who knows global warming’s real is to collectively pressure the Powers that Be and not back down. Like Ken O’Keefe says, just protesting and then going home isn’t enough. It’s a combination of protest AND sustained direct action. However, nobody wants to do that.

  • Ken Forest says:

    It is hard to believe the following: The politicians who put revenue first and claim it is for their children must be right. Of course, most of the 10,000 climate scientists of the world are part of a conspiracy. They want to take over the world and therefore must be lying about their research on the impacts of climate regarding and the negative impact on most living species including us. How could they know or understand more than the average person about climate anyway? Money must come first. We don’t need science to invent something to take the place of air quality, drought, flooding, or rising sea levels. So what is the problem with gambling with climate change. Polling and voting on this subject by everyone is more important than deferring to any experts who spend their lives researching it. If we are wrong, we will simply go to heaven. Too bad for those who would have been right. At least (some of us) would have the money. Not only that, but science should be taken out of the school curriculum and replaced with religion. If in doubt, ask Rick Perry.

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