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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: Obama’s Two-Faced Climate Policy

Will the real Barack Obama please stand up? Like the fictional Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Obama from the day he was first elected president has repeatedly said and done impressive things about climate change one day only to turn around and say and do appalling things the next…. Read more


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2 Degrees Is Too Much, Says Blockbuster Hansen study

Sea level rise could make New York and other coastal cities uninhabitable in our children’s lifetimes, according to a blockbuster new study released this week by James Hansen, long one of the world’s foremost climate scientists, as I reported today in an exclusive for The Daily Beast:… Read more

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Cadillac Desert and Deadbeat Dams book review

If you read only one book about the drought now afflicting California and much of the American West, make it Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert, I argue in this review for The Daily Beast. But augment it with Daniel P. Beard’s Deadbeat Dams, which fiercely updates Reisner’s 1993 classic with fascinating insider details:… Read more

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Joking About Torture–With US Tax Dollars

Joking About Torture? Really? Yes. US taxpayers, via president Obama, are buying Egypt’s military junta new weapons even as the generals smirk, on secret tapes, about torture and admit that they came to power not in the popular “revolution” they claimed but rather via an old fashioned military coup–which should preclude military aid under US law. Details in my latest article for The Daily Beast:… Read more

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Coal, Like Tobacco, Is On The Way Out

Coal is the tobacco of our time, and its time is passing. Like smoking cigarettes, burning coal is deadly to individuals and society alike. The industry is a “dead man walking,” but coal still supplies most of the world’s electricity. So coal must be phased out both quickly and carefully, I argue in this piece for The Nation:… Read more

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How the Rich Stole Jazz Fest

New Orleans remains the greatest city in America, perhaps the world, for music. The annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival offers an unparalleled excellence and diversity of performers, but locals complain that ever-increasing ticket prices put the party off limits to most New Orleans residents, I report in The Daily Beast:… Read more

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By now, almost everyone knows what Edward Snowden did: leak top secret documents revealing that the US government was spying on hundreds of millions of people around the world. But if you want to know why Snowden did it, the way he did it, you need to know the stories of two other men.

The first is Thomas Drake, who blew the whistle on the very same surveillance ten years before Snowden did and got crushed. The other is The Third Man, a former senior Pentagon official who comes forward in this book for the first time to describe how his superiors repeatedly broke the law to punish Drake—and unwittingly taught Snowden how to evade their clutches.

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Independent journalist Mark Hertsgaard is the author of seven books that have been translated into sixteen languages, including Bravehearts: Whistle Blowing in the Age of Snowden; HOT: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth; and A Day in the Life: The Music and Artistry of the Beatles. He has reported from twenty-five countries about politics, culture and the environment for leading outlets, including The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Time, Mother Jones, NPR, the BBC and The Nation, where is the environment correspondent. He lives in San Francisco.