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Time Book Review

By Bryan Walsh

If you judged the severity of climate change by its media coverage–which has vanished like a mountain glacier over the past year–you might think the problem had been solved. Wrong. The planet’s fever is still rising, and we have fundamentally failed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. As Mark Hertsgaard writes in his dire new book, Hot, that’s going to make the ability to adapt to climate change the difference between life and death. A veteran environment journalist (who has written for TIME), Hertsgaard circled the globe to…,9171,2044713,00.html

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  • Adrian Ashfield says:

    Mark, I saw your BBC piece broadcast last night here in the US.
    I was full of dire warnings that are in error and not supported by science. For example you stated that sea level would rice between 3 – 6 feet. Sea levels rose at 1.8mm/year for the last century and is now rising at just over 3mm/year. How do you turn that into six feet by 2100?
    Not by rising temperature – as the global temperature have not risen for since 1998 and if this doesn’t change for another couple of years it will falsify the IPCC projections with a 95% certainty. With the cold weather most have experienced this winter and el nina gaining in strength do you really expect it to start warming again in the near future?
    You then went on to forecast increased, stronger hurricanes and storms. You are just quoting the activist propaganda as recent scientific papers have debunked that claim. I gave up watching at that point.
    There is no proof for the CO2 forcing factors used in the climate models and the thing that would be most damaging to mankind is another ice age – now due. If the world temperature continues to rise at half a degree C per century, as it has since the end of the little ice age, that would be the best possible scenario.
    Follow this paper by Prof. Akasofu for a more rational view of what’s happening.

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